Deadline for the submission of the Abstracts
28th May 2021

Abstract acceptance communication by the Scientific Committee
5th June 2021

Deadline for the submission of Full Papers/Reviews (Pathogens) and Long Abstract (Biology and Life Sciences Forum)
31st July 2021
Organization of scientific sessions
The scientific sessions will be organized in: Symposia, oral communications sessions and posters

The scientific contributions will be published in the Proceedings of the Congress and available online
Evaluation and selection of contributions and publication opportunities
The abstracts will be evaluated by selected members of the Scientific Committee (Donato Traversa, Luigi Venco, Hans-Peter Fuhrer, Anastasia Diakou and Annunziata Giangaspero), who will decide the destination of the contributions, as follows:
- Oral talk (only for Junior Positions and/or under 40)
- Poster (that will be published on the Congress website)

Two selected oral talks will be offered to be published as Full Paper or Reviews on a Special Issue of “Pathogens” (MDPI), an Open Access and peer reviewed international scientific journal, (IF= 3.018 IF; Q2).
The other three contributions that will be accepted as oral talks will be published as Long Abstracts, of the maximum length of 4 A4 pages, on “Biology and Life Sciences Forum”, an open access international scientific journal, which is going to be launched by MDPI. Biology and Life Sciences Forum is a journal that publishes proceedings resulting from academic conferences in all areas of biology, life sciences and at the interface of related disciplines. Published items are approved by the conference committee and original research content is peer reviewed. Long Abstracts must be sent by the 31st July 2021 to the following email address:
Click here to download the template of the Long Abstract

Regardless of the selection for the publication on Pathogens or Biology and Life Sciences Forum, all accepted abstracts will be published in the Congress Proceedings, that will be available as a downloadable PDF file on the Congress website.

A prize of 800 euro, selected by the same Committee as above, will be awarded by the Italian Society of Parasitology (SoIPa) for the best Oral Talk of the Dirofilariosis and Angiostrongylosis ESDA/SoIPa Session.

The prize will be announced during the Closing Ceremony.
Oral communications
A session of oral communications is planned along with the exhibition of posters. The time for the talk will be approximately 10 minutes including any discussion. The presentation language will be English.
Guidelines for the preparation and submission of Posters

Language: English
File format: PDF
Poster page size: 38 cm width x 54 cm height
Suggested font size: Title = 30; Authors = 25; Affiliations = 25; Text to follow = 20
Maximum file size: 20 MB

Posters must be sent by the 10th of June as an attachment by e-mail to the following address:

Posters will be available on the “Poster” page of the website.

Moreover, a virtual "Poster Discussion" Session will take place (17th June 18.20-20.00) where the authors of the posters will be invited for interacting with the Conference participants.

Rules for the drafting of Abstracts
of oral communications and posters

The text of the abstracts must be written in English and contained in one Word page written according to the following instructions:

Click here to download the Abstract template

Page setup
Text margins: 1.8 cm higher; lower 1.3 cm; left 1.3 cm; right 2 cm. Tahoma font.
(2 lines maximum): 12 point font; bold; justified text, line spacing 1.5.
12 point font; bold; uppercase; justified text. Name (initial), Surname (comma among the Authors). If the Authors are of different affiliation use superscript numbering. The Author presenting the work must be highlighted by underlining.
10 point font; justified text.
Institute, Department, Center, Laboratory, University. If the Authors belong to different Institutes, report the corresponding superscript number before the Institutes.
Key words
Maximum 4, 10 point font

The main text should be divided into the following sections: Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and conclusions
Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and conclusions
12 point font; uppercase; bold
Text to follow
12 point font; normal; justified text, line spacing 1.5

Tables, figures, captions and legends: Any tables and / or figures must be numbered progressively and indicated in the text as Tab. / Fig. Captions and legends must be shown below the figures or tables.

Bibliographical references, in the text. To standardize as in the example: Deplazes et al., 2019 Biophys Rev. 11: 483-90.
How to send
The texts of the Abstracts (Communications, Posters) and of the reports by invitation must be sent as an attachment by e-mail to the following address:


Accepted abstracts will be published without further revisions; the author is therefore fully responsible for the text sent.

The presentation of scientific Contributions in the Congress will be bound to the registration of at least one of the authors in the Congress.

The publication of the works received after the indicated deadline is not guaranteed.

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