OF THE ITALIAN SOCIETY OF PARASITOLOGY Parasites of the Third Millennium& 2021 ESDA EVENT 
Dirofilariosis and Angiostrongylosis: from the past to the future
16-19 June 2021

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The XXXI National Conference of the Italian Society of Parasitology (SoIPa) will be held from the 16th to 19th June 2021 virtually. Various international expert Parasitologists will participate, with a rich symposia and session program, mostly open to Junior positions. On the 17th June the jointed SoIPa/2021 ESDA EVENT: "Dirofilariosis and angiostrongylosis: from the past to the future" will take place, whose program falls within the activities of the European Society of Dirofilariosis and Angiostrongylosis (ESDA). Find out the guests and the program of the next edition of the SoIPa Conference and of the 2021 ESDA EVENT.

Confirmed invited Speakers

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Dan Riskin

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Massimo Polidoro

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Antonio Frangipane di Regalbono

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Lénaïg Halos

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